Great Journey By Bus from Penang to LEGOLAND

Are you finding convenient travelling from Penang to LEGOLAND?

If you are finding the same then you can take bus from Penang to LEGOLAND, it is convenient for your, and especially when you are thinking to travel with your family. It is very easy to get to LEGOLAND the nice Malaysian resort with the Thomas town hall from Johor and Singapore as well as Kuala Lampur. Most of the people these days drive their own car and travel with their families. But better you book bus and travel conveniently. Travelling by bus is easy and affordable at the same time.
How to Book Bus Ticket Conveniently Online

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At present time, many people going from Penang to LEGOLAND by bus and like to book their ticket online. They like to book ticket online and pay through debit or credit cards. They believe this is easy, convenient as well as safe option, by which they can avail anytime bus and book ticket without waiting in the long queue. One of the biggest things is booking ticket online, just visiting the company’s website and go to the login page and book ticket anytime and for any seat. This is a safest as well as convenient ways to book ticket for Penang to LEGOLAND.
Penang to LEGOLAND by Bus
There are many ways to get bus from Penang to LEGOLAND as well as Hello Kitty Town, additionally you can fly to Sinai Airport. By far some of the extreme direction and the method by land is also the Causeway Link’s on a regular service from the Bukit Bintang by bus to LEGOLAND as well as the Hello Kitty Town that departs at around seven before the noon. You might think travelling by bus is quite irritating and better to travel by train, but if you travel at least once you will come to know the comfy by bus travel in LEGOLAND.
Journey by Bus to LEGOLAND

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The great LEGOLAND bus stop is beautiful at the access point of the parking and lots of space, so if you go by bus you will see the beauty of traveling by bus to LEGOLAND for sure. Though the entire walk is covered tightly and you need not to go outside when you travel, but when you travel with your family and friends, you can go outside for have lunch or a light mill if you feel hungry. You will have plenty of sights to see and your children occupied. So book your bus ticket from the bus counter or bus operators like GrasslandFirst Coach, Transtar Bus, Transnasional, WTS Travel & Tours, and Causeway Link or if you feel comfortable you can book online as soon as possible to make your journey safe and comfortable.

The trip would be fruitful and headache free for sure, if you book your ticket online, so that you can get discount if you book tickets more than three at a time. If you are travelling with your family or friends then it is easily possible.

Travel to Batam Indonesia from Singapore by Ferry

If you are having trouble in traveling to Batam from Singapore then you can use ferry. It is the cheapest means and it will you will enjoy your journey. The ferry service offers good services and an experience that you will live to remember.


First it is important that you get to know the place that you are going, in order know what to expect. The bustling island is found in Riau Archipelago of Indonesia. Latest development has seen the island populated, making it an ideal place to do business.

Due to its location and the climate that is offers, tourists have flocked the island. This has made Batam the busiest entry to Indonesia. It has top class hotels, resorts, golf course and shopping malls. If you are an international tourist that is expecting to visit the island then you will have the opportunity of experiencing the culture on the island.

If it is your first time to be in the Country, then you can easily get from Singapore to Bintan using the fast boats that will get you to your destination in just forty-five minutes. The ferries are standard in mode and have good comfortable seats. You can book the ticket from Easybook bintan ferry online.

There are many ferries that cross to the island daily so getting to the island is an easy task. The ferries mainly connect with two ports in Singapore and five more in Batam.The total number of ferries that make a trip each day is eighty-seven.

That clearly tells you that the ferries are quite busy during the day and it the perfect time to travel to the island to get a feel of the people. The major companies that operate ferries are Horizon fast ferry, batam fast ferry, majestic fast ferry and sindo ferry.

The ferries sail from Singapore harbor front centre ferry terminal that is just twelve miles across the strait of Singapore. The majority of the ferries come to stop at Batam and Sekupang.This is the place that you can also take another ferry that will take you to your resort or hotel that you wish to spend your holiday in.

The route from harbour front centre to sekupang is the short route that you can use to get to the island. If you are in a hurry, and want to get faster, and check in your hotel or resort then this is the route that you can use. When you are coming to the island then choosing ferry service is the best thing that you will experience.

You will have time to look at the island well and observe how the island stretches. You are likely to feel like the locals and it will help you get in synch with the island with ease. You will be able to get the feel of the climate and the cooling effect while on the ferry. Ferry is definitely the best means of transport from Singapore to Batam Island. Lastly when you want to use a ferry check the prices first to avoid spending a lot.

A trip to the nation of Thailand

Tucked at the South Eastern Asian region at the Indo- Chinese peninsula is Thailand, one of the upcoming tourist hubs in the world which is a great mix of natural beauty in terms of the lovely beaches, the modern touches where the skyscrapers go high in its capital city of Bangkok, the ancient touch in the ruins of the past and in its religious aspects where the Buddhist temples talk aloud of its rich cultural and spiritual heritage. For a shopping freak, Thailand can be nothing but a treasure throve where a labyrinth of shopping roads, shopping malls and streets can enthrall anyone with ease and for a foodie, things could not have been any better for sure!

A memorable trip to the nation of Thailand; An insight

What to see?


With so much of culture and heritage Thailand has to offer, a tourist can visit the exotic temples of Wat Pao Temple (also known as the Temple of the relining Buddha) in the capital city where the temples apart, one can find solace in the massages. This place can also be doted as the birth place of the traditional Thai massage as well. Others include the Grand Palace in Bangkok and the old Phuket town with its temples, architecture and age-old shrines!

Things to do

Romantics and couples can opt for the peaceful Chao Phraya River Cruise in the capital while the adventure seekers can opt for trekking activities to the jungle in Phuket while atop a friendly elephant, and yes, the food lovers can opt to enroll in a Thai cooking class and learn their local and traditional cuisine.

What to eat?

The most important and traditional dishes to try while at this lovely nation of Thailand includes the Thai Green Curry, the Pad Thai and the Satay, all of which are exotic and amazing in taste.

When to visit?

December to February are best to explore the place while the evenings are cooler than the pleasant mornings, March to May are hottest in this nation, however shopping and going around is best as the New Year there is celebrated within these months. May to October is the low phase of tourism in Bangkok due to rain, but you can give it a shot at affordable rates but!

How to reach?

Options for air travel, train travel and buy easybook Thailand bus ticket travel are possible from the nearby nations in case of bus and trains, while flights can be available to reach from all across the planet!

 Getting around

While getting around Thailand, options are many including the taxis, tuk-tuk, trains and the buses; the best and easiest means to travel around is via the bus services which are affordable and best for any distance travel. While online tickets are available from any booking site on the internet or from any of the bus terminals present in the region, they are cheap and convenient barring some of the cons which are present with each and every mode of the commute!